Canal Relocation Work Underway


Freshly dug section of canal along South Canal Bank Road and
Jane Street.

On June 9th, 2010 the Holland Marsh Drainage System Joint Municipal Services Board awarded Contract 10.1A.A to Daniel Higgs Excavating Ltd. and Higgs and Higgs Inc. to begin work on the Canal Improvement Project. This contract includes work along the South Canal from Graham Sideroad to Highway 9 and work on the North Canal from Highway 9 to Highway 400. Traffic delays should be expected along these stretches, as should the presence of construction crews and their equipment.  

Work has begun at South Canal Bank Road, east of Highway 400 where the contractors have begun moving the canal over and will be constructing a berm in the near future. This will enhance the life safety of those driving along the canal and will also help to slow down and prevent future deterioration of the road. Clay and stable earth will be brought in for the construction of the berm which will enhance the stability of the road.


The two primary reasons for this project are life safety and flood protection in the Holland Marsh. Under current conditions the Marsh would be flooded out by a 50-year storm event; an event slightly less severe than 1954’s Hurricane Hazel. The canals are being excavated several feet deeper than specified by the original engineer’s report to allow more water to runoff into the canals.


In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, fish species are being relocated from the construction intervals to other parts of the canal system for the time being, until their habitat is restored.


Work on the canal which is part of this contract is projected to be completed by 2012, at which time effort will be made to find partners interested in planting more trees along the berm, adjacent to the road. New guard rails will be put up in some areas as well, improving life safety along the canal.


Canal 2

A completed section of canal along South Canal Bank Road



If you have any inquiries regarding The HMDSCIP please feel free to contact the Holland Marsh Drainage System Joint Municipal Services Board at: (905) 778-4321 or by using the Contact Us form.