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Since the early 1900’s, the Holland Marsh has been drained and its fertile grounds used to grow over
$50 million worth of produce per year. This album depicts photos from the past, to give residents and
visitors alike a glimpse into the development of the now‐famous Holland Marsh.


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Hurricane Hazel
Hurricane Hazel

Hurricane Hazel is one of the most significant storm events to ever strike Southern Ontario. Traveling
north from the Caribbean, it was expected to dissipate into at most a light rain storm by the time it
crossed Canadian borders. But on the night of October 14th, 1954, torrential rains began to downpour
and major highways became flooded. Through the night, and all the next day, rain flooded into the
Holland Marsh until it was completely saturated. The end result was the Marsh covered in water,
uprooting homes and displacing thousands. This album depicts photos from Hurricane Hazel, the storm
that almost destroyed the Holland Marsh.


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Holland Marsh continues to grow lush crops of varieties of produce. Seasons overlap in the Marsh,
providing consumers the opportunity to enjoy local produce all year round! This produce plays the
starring role at the Bradford Farmer’s Market, held Saturday morning in downtown Bradford from late
May until Thanksgiving. Click here for more information.

The Holland Marsh also hosts the Marsh Mash, an annual canoe and kayaking event where world‐class
competitors race along different branches of the canal that surrounds the Holland Marsh.

This album depicts the Holland Marsh in present time. Viewers get a chance to see different stages of
crop growth and where the produce ends up, as well as other events in and around the Marsh!


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The Project


The Project

This album is a collection of photos which illustrate the project’s progress. Maps, drawings, and
blueprints collectively provide a visual understanding of this $26 million project.


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Ongoing Canal Maintenance
Ongoing Canal Maintenance

The Canal surrounding the Holland Marsh is subject to various maintenance projects. This section
provides information on past, present, and future maintenance schedules.
‐ Barge
‐ Dredger
‐ Excavator
‐ Tree Clearing
‐ Drain Maintenance


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This album is a collection of aerial photos.


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